Author: Steven Redhead

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    Published: November 2014
    Language: English
    Word Count: 116,420
    Paperback: 356 pages
    Paperback Size: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches

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Creating Your Reality TABLE OF CONTENTS

Create Your Own Reality 1
You Are A True Creator 3
Elements Of Creation 4
A Chance To Create 5
The Journey 6
The Reasons For Life 7
The Meaning Of Life 9
Life Needn’t Be A Mystery 10
Life Choices 11

Endlessly Reinvent Your Life
What Do You Really Want? 12
Creative Instincts 13
Controlling Creation 14
Pick And Choose Your Reality 15
The LOA Vs The LOC 17
Contemplations In Creation 18
Creating Reality Through Your Dreams 19
Dare To Dream 20
Making Your Dreams Come True 20
Your Dreams Are Your Guides 21
Live Your Dreams. 22
Cause And Effect 23
Impacts Of Your Creations 23
Key Attractions 25
You Become What You Think You Are 26
There Are Always Consequential Effect, Good Or Bad 27

Your Beliefs Create Who And What You Are
Start Living Your Life Anew 29
This Is The Best Time In History To Create 30
What You Have Wished For 31
What’s It All About 32
Fixing Your Expectation 34
Belief Leads To Obtaining What You Want 35
Just Because You Can’t See Something Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Or Doesn't Exist 36
The Linkage Between Visual And Mental Desires 37
What You Really Desire Becomes What You Receive 37
Recreate Your Dreams 38
What Really Matters? 39
Life Really Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult 40
You Are Bound By The Constraints Of What You Perceive 40
A Taste Of What Life Can Be 41
Nothing Happens Without The Required Effort 42
By The Sweat Of Your Brow 43
Make Each Day An Adventure 45
The Meaning Of Days 46

The Dynamics of Life
Creation Through Desire 48
What You Believe Becomes Real 49
Making Your Thoughts Real 50
Energy, Time And Attention Are The Price You Pay 51
Learn To Focus On What Really Matters 53
When What You Want Is Not Always What You Get 54
Belief Makes Things Possible 55
What to believe, what not to believe 56
Consolidate Your Beliefs 57
Belief Systems 57
Maintain A Strong Positive Mindset 58
Challenge Your Potential 58

To Create You Must Preserver Until Your Desires Become Real
Just For The Experience 60
Avoiding Procrastination 61
The Right To Choose 62
What Do You Want From Life? 63
The Chance To Choose 65
You Need To Realise Who You Truly Are In Order To Know Who You Want To Become. 67
Make Life What It Can Be 68
Putting Your Mind To The Task 70
The Ability Of Group Consciousness 70
Heaven Or Hell 71
Everything Is Up To You 72

Open Your Mind To The Infinite Possibilities That Do Exist For You
Imagination Is The Key That Unlocks Your Reality 73
Harnessing Your Creative Elements 74
You are here to practice creation 75
The purpose of your life is creation 76
The Power Of Thought 77
Control Of Thought 78
Extending Possibilities 80
Inspirational Thought Process 80
Belief Plays A Major Roll In The Illusion Of It All 81
Freedom To Create 82
Everything You Desire Is Available Within You 83
When You Stop Searching You Cease To Be 84
The Meaning Of Life Is To Live Your Dreams 85
Guard Your Dreams 85
There’s No Time Limit Set On Your Dreams 86
Your Creative Environment 87

Taking what is then making it what it can be
What You Most Desire Is Waiting For You 89
Be Realistic With Your Reality 90
The State Of Realization 92
You Can Make What You Want Real By Believing In It 93
Believe In The Outcome That You Want 93
Belief Is The Fuel That Drives Realities Vehicle 94
Reaching For The Stars 94
The Light Is As Bright As You Make It 95
Create Through Your Desires 95
Perception Drives Reality 96
Bringing True Love Into Reality 97
Spiritual Attraction 98
Things Change At The Rate You Can Perceive What You Have Imagined 100
Hold It Close Or You May Loose It 100
Fear Is A Creative Process 101
Even Your Worst Fears Come True In Time 102
The Pain Of Your Own Making 103
Whatever Makes It Real 104
The Creation And Existence Of Fear 105
Windows Of The Mind 107
Don’t Be Afraid To Take The So Called ‘Path Less Travelled 108

What You Believe In And Give Life To Becomes Your Reality
You Are What You Come To Believe Yourself To Be 110
You Won’t Find Yourself From The Answers Others Give You 111
You Are Free To Choose How Your Life Evolves 113
When You Face Anything You Face Yourself 113
Expect More Of Yourself 115
How You Feel Is Right For You 116
Don’t Become What Others Claim You Are 117
Finding Who You Really Are 118
Creating Consciousness 120
Accept An Opportunity That Passes Your Way 121
Happiness Is Your Greatest Weapon 121
The Road To Happiness 122
Limiting The Impact Of Others On Your Reality 124

Never Compromise Your Ideals Or Wishes
Those Who Manipulate Your Reality 126
Control Of Reality 127
Life is living a dream 127
The Power Within 128
Crossing The Divide 130
The Chances That You Let Slip By 130
Fate Is An Illusion Of Your Perception 131
Killing Time Just Treading Water 132
Use your time well 134
Remember Your True Potential 136
Illuminate Every Moment Of Your Life 138
The Things That Make A Difference 138
Choice Is Always Driving What Happens To You 139
A Natural Paradise On Earth 140
Learning From Nature 141
Work At Constantly Creating Your Ideal Life 142

Boundaries Don’t Just Keep Others Out They also Fence You In
Purposeful Relationships Make Life Worth Living 144
Friendships 145
Find What People Are Like And What They Want 146
The Effect Others Have Upon You 146
Protect Yourself Against The Negativity Of Others 147
Avoid Others Having The Ability To Control You 149
The Ones That Would Wish To Control You 150
Deal Swiftly With Those Who Invade Your Space 150
Connections Between Us All 152
The Value Of Relationships 152
Challenge The Power Of Those Who Wish To Control You 153
Find your destiny 154
Control your destiny 154
Don’t Let Others Drive Your Destiny 155
Choices Regarding What Is Normal 156
Talking Of Harmony 158

Open Your Mind To The Numerous Opportunities That Really Do Exist For You
How You Perceive Determines What You Believe 160
Nothing Really Matters 161
Wish Upon A Star 162
Protect Your Dreams 163
Dimensions Of Thought 165
The Games Your Mind Plays 167
Attraction Of Energies 168
Date With Fate 169
Fate Is Where Your Feet Take You 170
The Power Within You 171
Weaving The Future 172
There’s A Reason For Everything 175
Determine your own destiny by creating your reality 176
Everything That Happens Has A Purpose 177

Reality Is An Accumulation Of What You Have Wished For
Don’t Give Undesirable Things The Right To Exist 179
Consequences Are Driven By A Restless Mind 180
The Choice Of How You Perceive Things Is What Really Matters 181
Extending Possibilities 183
Opposites And Changes 183
The Dynamics Of Your Life 184
Takes the steps in the direction you wish to go. 186
The reality you create is what you believe you deserve 187
Giving Meaning And Purpose To Life 188
Set yourself free to be what you truly should be 189
Start to pursue the things of value to you 190
Your Life Path Journey 191
Life is to be lived, don’t let life live you 191
The Devil Is In The Details 192
True Wealth Is The Ability To Realize Your Desires 193
Prioritise Your Desires 195
All Things Happen For A Reason And A Purpose 196
Sometimes Things Are Not What They Seem 196
Find Patience In All That You Do 197

Those Who Never Learn To Fly Spiritually Are Destined To Be Trapped By Earthly Things
Riding The Winds Of Change 199
Footsteps In The Sands Of Time 221
Stay True To Your Principals 202
Simplicity Of Life 202
Dancing On Solid Ground 203
Never Have Regrets 204
Your life is the result of the accumulated choices that you made 205
When Things Spin Out Of Control 206
Don't be a creation of circumstances. Take control of your life. 207
If You Panic All Will Be Lost 207

Life was never meant to be taken seriously, it was meant to be a joy
Laughing Is The Best Defence That You Have 209
Enjoy The Moment 210
Smiling Creates Hidden Energies Within You 211
To Find Happiness 212
Thoughts are the most powerful force controlling and driving your reality 213

Live The Life You Deserve By Awakening To Your Abilities
How To Perceive Is What Really Counts 215
Have the freedom and energy to achieve or pursue everything that is important to you 216
All Things Have A Specific Frequency 217
Positive Vibrations 218
Calm Vibrations 220
Use positive thoughts creatively to heal your reality 220
Increasing Positive Vibrations 222
Freedom Of Mind And Body 223
Manifest Trust 224
Positive Spiritual Purpose 225
Spiritual Power And Abundance 226
Visualization Of Your Desires 227
Nurturing Yourself 228

You Are Judged Not Only By What You Do But Also By What You Don’t Do
Fate decides the future if you don’t intervene 229
Encroaching Upon Others Area of Influence 230
Living In The Material Consciousness 231
What Is The Purpose Of All The Things In Your Life? 232
What’s The Point Of Everything? 234
Life Map 235
Because You Could 236
Accept or Change the things that happen 237
Control, Manipulation And Trickery 238
You’re Stuck With It 238

Everything You Perceive Is A Reflection Of Yourself
Concepts Of Reality 239
Conceptual Reality 240
The Nature Of Reality 241
The Building Blocks Of Your Reality 242
Are Your Realities Declining Or Expanding 243
Realities Ability To Distort 245
The Fantasy Becoming Reality 245
Manipulating Reality 246
Reality Built On Dreams 247
When Illusions Clash With Reality 248
When Illusion Becomes Reality 249
Cages Of Reality 250
Reality Hijacked 251
Reality Shifts 252
Visualization Of False Realities 253
When Your Reality Falls Apart 254
Cares Become Reality 255
Reflective Reality 256
Universal Reality 257
Control By The General Consciousness 258
Transverse Realities 259
Reality Control 259
Don't Vacillate Regarding Desires For Your Reality 260
Nurturing Reality 261
Healing Your Reality 262

You Can Become Trapped By The Habits That You Create
Touching The Infinite 265
A Step Beyond 266
Seeing All That There Is 267
The Bounds Of Your Imagination 269
Frequencies Of Perception 270
Different Perceptions 271
Manipulation Of Life Effect 272
Things Aren't Always What They Seem To Be 273
Change Your Perspective 274 ONE LINE
Irrelevant Irrelevance 276
The Concept Of Illusion 277
Management Of Disruptive Influences 277
Consequence Of Challenges 279
Challenge Of Your Life 280

Materialism is what binds you to the physical world
The Games Your Mind Can Play 282
Intuitions Can Be Self-Fulfilling Prophecies 283
Pain Of Your Own Making 284
The Things That Happen 285
All Things Pass In Time 286
Momentary Impacts 288
Fate Changed By Behaviour 289
The Merry Go Round Of Fate 290
The Management Of Opposites 292

What You Don't Or Won't Comprehend Can’t Become Real
Rivers Of Consciousness 294
The Various States Of Consciousness 295
Levels Of Consciousness 296
Zones Of Consciousness 298
The Illusion Of Confusion 299
Illusions Or Disillusions 300
Splashing The Water To See If You Get Wet 301
A Little Twist Of Fate With A Dash Of Mischief 302
The Impact Of Your Environment Upon You 303
Turning Back The Tides Of Time 304
Visualization Of Your Life 305
Always Be A Realist 307
Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Life 308
Looking At The World Through The Eyes Of A Child 309
The Wonder Of It All 310
Phases Of Your Life 310
Life Wasn’t Meant To Be Difficult 312
On Hallowed Ground 313
Never Fear The Unknown 314
In Time You Will Know Everything 315
Time To Consider Your Fate 316
Your Final Journey 317

Living Life 318
The Realization 320
Creative Inspiration Summary 323
Steps for Creating Your Reality 323
The Main Guiding Principals – Truths of life 326.

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