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Your life is the result of the accumulated choices you have made.

Create Your Own Reality
As the master of your known universe you are in numerous ways the creator of the world that you come to perceive and understand; being able to make life play out however you may want it to. All it takes to achieve this is the focused effort to clearly imagine what you want, then through ceaseless desire, linked to the belief that those desires are legitimate will therefore enable what you pursue to become true. The six pillars of creation are; imagination, clearly defined focused thought, desires, positive expectations, belief, and persistence, combined these elements of thought are able to create in reality the things that you desire.
Reality is based solely upon desires that are given perspective through imagination, and then the credibility to be brought to life by the firm belief in them. You create life from the pieces of reality that you bring together like a jigsaw puzzle. No matter how difficult it may be to believe this, you do indeed create everything that you experience; it is a fact that all you perceive is actually of your own making. Many don't or can't fathom this understanding of creation, that each of us create our own reality; that you do possess the power to make reality whatever you may wish it to be.....

Elements Of Creation
Within nature you are able to find the defined system for creation that can work as a model, then relate that to your own creative abilities; you plant a seed in this case a desire into fertile soil of the mind, feed it with nourishment in the form of nutrients and water or in this case imagination, the resulting plant or desire will grow and blossom, then if looked after with care and attention will flourish. When creating it becomes important to fully understand these cycles of life; learning from the timing of the seasons, which demonstrate that planning then implementation of action to put your desires into play at the correct moment is necessary for success to be achieved in due course.
Nature is self-sufficient generating automatically the chain of events or change necessary in one form or another for its own continued survival.....

The Meaning Of Life
The meaning and purpose of life should be more appropriately termed; ‘what meaning and purpose you give to life’. What is the meaning you able to give to this experience, this brush with mortality; some purpose that would satisfy enough to justify being alive. It is this illusive element that many search for, ‘The Meaning of Life’; yet once found gives immense satisfaction, the joy, the thrills of fulfillment that can brought to each day, not only for oneself but more importantly to others. There is always time, it is never too late to not start to care, to start the search for what matters to you the most, for the advancement that is desired deep down in the recesses of the consciousness. Those main unanswered desires are the things that are haunting, they are perhaps left uncompleted or in some cases not even addressed; they hold the key to some of the reasons and questions one strives to know then come to terms with.
The things that give the most joy, enliven the spirit, brings peace, that give the feeling of contentment, those deep pursuits that create satisfaction, a sense of achievement, these are the things that give true meaning to life.....

Life Needn’t Be A Mystery
All things will be revealed as they should, in there own time, as everything has a time and purpose; so it is not wise to accelerate the natural process, rather going with the flow is the wisest option to pursue. Only concern yourselves with those things that will impact your life directly in the near or short term. Some things that are not known are not a loss but rather a plus; as not knowing makes life less complicated, less cluttered; this enables you to be freer than when everything is known, including those things that aren't or shouldn't be of any concern.
Life as you know it is a gift, there is no necessity to over complicate it.....

The right changes will create all the difference.

What Do You Really Want?
Many are deluded into desiring various things that are basically just passing fantasies. There is a trend many have to momentarily shift desires that change depending upon a particular infatuation at the time; likely created by some form of advertising or conditioning. Very few people stop to think clearly exactly what they ‘really’ want or need in detail, then put all their energy into pursuing that vigorously. Many don’t have the clear understanding or reasoning of the concept of their true desires or even consider what they really need from life in total. Of course most people have current passing desires for things they may want or would like to have now; but these are just flavor of the month candy floss to make life more interesting, enjoyable or give variety to their days. These trinkets have no lasting value or benefit to anyone in the long term.
Passing desires are very different from permanent ones; it is important to analyze then.....

Creative Instincts
Imagination is the indication of the potential of what is truly possible. This ability can become weakened or diminished through time due to the gradual conditioning by society as to what is and what isn’t achievable. Of course some people have motives in suppressing the creative instincts of others; either to reduce their abilities because they are seen as a treat, holding others back for some ulterior motive based upon negating their potential to excel; or simply based upon old fashioned jealousy and pure spite.
In many cases people have been so indoctrinated to be skeptical that they come to view any out of the ordinary potential ability or innovative concepts as impractical, nonsense or as a threat. This is the main reason why after mass ridicule or constant rejection the concepts that could change humanities consciousness are reduced to cult theories.....

Pick And Choose Your Reality
The reality that you experience is actually all of your own choosing, whether you realize this or not; it is possible through thought and perception to make experiences as pleasant or as difficult as you please. The thoughts that pervade your mind related to any specific subject, especially difficult situations, will determine your experiences of them, as well as impacting how they are perceived. Thus it is possible to decide and control reality simply through decisions on how specific situations that make up life are viewed. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully consider and approach everything that is experienced in a very positive light, even though what happens may seem negative or undesirable at the time.
Always seek to find or create positives from all that happens even if on the surface they may seem like undesirable or negative situations at first glance. Through imagination, expectancy, beliefs, desires, perception, trust in your abilities, linked with focused mental energy there is the potential to turn around even the most direst of situations, making them positive and even beneficial.....

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